Top 10 Things to do in Magnificent Dubai

Dubai is a dream for adventure-packed excursions and sights to see. I feel when you're on a holiday, you want to tick off the main attractions to feel you've done the place justice. And if you’re like me the most time-consuming thing about planning your holiday will be making lists of all the places you need to visit. Searching the Internet, reading blogs, reviews and still struggling to pick the things you want to do?


Although rumour has it, that Dubai is full of concrete, it actually has much more to offer. With its grand architecture, amazing skylines, to scenic arts, cultural architects and of course the beautiful weather there’s no shortage of things for you to do.

Top things to do:

1. Top of the world on the Burj Khalifa

We can’t talk about holidays in Dubai, without mentioning the iconic Burj now, can we? You can’t miss out on the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Standing tall at over 828 metres and with rich history of more than 160 stories. Stand on the deck at level 148, holding you high up on 555 metres and look at the cities scape from its highest point and get a taster of what the city has to offer.

If you’re looking to take the perfect picture of the sunset then timing is key. Well, the Burj Khalifa is so tall that you can see the sunset twice in the same evening. With interiors combined with glass, stainless steel and polished stones, hand made rugs and stone flooring, the Burj is breath-takingly inter

It has been designed to be on different levels to break up one of the busiest attractions in Dubai.

Tip: make sure you are in the waiting line at around 3 pm you’ll have the opportunity to take mesmerising pictures of the sunset.

2. Water Dance Fountain is a stone throw away from Dubai Mall
Dubai is full of music flowing fountains, but the fountain by the Burj Lake in downtown Dubai remains the most popular attraction and rightly so.

With various genres of music dancing along while the water trickles, 1.5 million lumens of projected lights, spraying high up to 500 feet what more could you ask for?

A free and amazing experience open 24/7. Take yourself away from the entire bustle and relax by the lake.

3. Splurge out at the Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall, heaven on earth for spenders. Shop around a grand Mall, with thousands of shops from designer high end to restaurants, entertainment and music.

You can literally spend hours here, even if you aren’t shopping you can simply sit and admire the amazing décor of the mall inside or entertain yourself. The Mall has, gaming areas, and aquarium and many other impressive features for you to see.

4. The Eighth wonder of the world

The Palm Jumeirah, although it is the smallest palm island in Dubai, its glistening blue waters and world-class amenities make it the most famous among the three.

Located in the coastal area of Dubai, this island captivates the most famous personalities and socialites brimming with; world class hotels, stunning beach fronts, the best dining establishments, marinas, water parks, scuba diving and shopping facilities. Adventure being the most thrilling part of your journey in Dubai, this wonder does not fail to entertain, with a vast variety of sea life features, swimming with dolphins, a tunnel that runs through a shark filled lagoon.

5. Venture deep under for an aqua-experience

Located in the Dubai shopping Mall, the 10 million-litre aquariums, the world’s biggest as well, is a sight to not miss. Walk through the tunnel and experience the aquarium inclosing above your head and all around you. With 300 hundred sharks passing through and other sea life, offering you this panoramic view, it is simply amazing.

Once you’ve reached the end of the tunnel, make your way to the second floor and visit the underground zoo. You can’t see this part from the mall so it is a total surprise. Touch screens are loaded with information on all the sea life, making it a fun an exciting trip for you and your family. You can also take a glass bottom boat tour, have a mermaid make over, enjoy the snorkelling cage and even experience swimming with sharks. Not something you find down at your shopping mall, but as we know, Dubai never fails to deliver the unexpected.

6. Look up on the beach

The Kite beach, located a few steps away from Jumeriah Main Street is a good choice for a lazy afternoon. A free beach for you to relax and enjoy a huge variety of water sports. A must for those of you who love water sports this will offer you a challenge.

This beach is well known for its kite surfing; with thousands of colourful kites taking over the sunset skies, is breathtakingly beautiful. Not too fond of the beach? Stay on land and enjoy a game of volleyball close by. You will also find many places to grab a bite to eat in the surrounding areas and don’t forget to try a lotus shake at one of the nearby cafes. Kite beach radiates adrenaline as much as it does peace and tranquillity, a place catering to all.

7. Feed your adrenaline by visiting this theme park in Dubai

Dubai offers an amazing theme park, The IMG worlds of adventure. Known to be the world’s largest indoor theme park, with 5 themed zones these state of the art rides bring all your favourite cartoon characters to one place. From Marvel to the old but epic Cartoon Network, so don’t worry even if you’re older it’ll trigger some childhood memories.

With Avengers to power puff girls and life size dinosaurs in the Lost Zone it is the most exciting theme park.

Like a scare? Explore the haunted hotel that will put you through a fright.
Covering an area of 38 football fields, with non–stop entertainment, make sure you have some comfortable footwear at hand and let your inner child run free.

8. Float on a river using a water taxi to get from A to B

Don’t want to drive around in Dubai? I don’t blame you. It’s usually busy and manic.

If you don’t fancy getting a bus or walking either though then you may be wondering what options you are left with. Dubai offers you an authentic way to travel with the hop on Abra or a water taxi across the Creek Crossing, which separates the Burj Dubai from Deira (Dubai’s city centre). Missed your ride? Not to worry the Abras or water taxis run every few minutes through the entire day on four stations along the Creek. Each Abra holds 20 passengers, with a five-minute journey to your destination. You can also hire out a Abra for an hour and travel further up the river, and admire the old and new Dubai from the traditional houses, towers and minarets that pass you by.

9. Jumeriah Mosque

This beautiful landmark of the city is a must-see, it’ll bring out your spiritual side but it will also help you to see why it is the most worked upon architectures in the world. Built with white marble stone, and crowned with a central dome it is simply wonderful. The mosque welcomes all non Muslims 6 days a week, excluding Fridays during Friday prayers. You can take a tour around the mosque, enjoy the fascinating architecture and details inside as well as getting to know more about the religion of Islam, with a chance for you to ask any questions you like.

You will be offered dates and almond chocolates as you tour around the mosque and greeted by friendly local people offering you ahead a scarf and cover ups as a sign of offering of respect.

10. Take a trip down memory lane in Dubai

Take a trip down to Dubai Museum to discover the heritage of Dubai. This museum uses life-sized diorama to captivate and give you the experience of how every day life in Dubai was before the discovery of oil. With galleries that recreate scenes from the Creek, traditional Arab homes, mosques, the souk, date farms and the desert, it is such a wonderful day trip. This trip will surely make you appreciate what Dubai has to offer today opposed to how it used to be.

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