Kurban Tours deals only with the professionals and not with the public. Our products and services are designed to serve them best!
At Kurban, we are the specialists in “group travel”. When planning and taking care of a group, we go all the way.
Fit Services & Tour Operating Packages

At Kurban, we gather details, information & feedback, and then, based on our industry knowledge, experience we recommend the best programs to serve our clients needs.

Why deal with Kurban for your FIT products & packages?

KURBAN uses one of the best technology in the world with high references in incoming business, allowing u to offer online reservations capacities to our clients, and even xml exchanges with medium and big tour operators.

In addition our staff is multi-lingual from all parts of the world allowing us to understand many cultures, habits and needs of our customers. KURBAN owns its proper transportation capacities allowing us to be very flexible and competitive with a high quality of service.

Our Services for Individuals
  • Hotel bookings
  • Transfers and transportations
  • Visa Services
  • Excursions
  • City packages
  • Beach packages
  • Fly & Drives
  • Guaranteed departures in bus tours