Advantages of travelling to Dubai in September

September is at the mid-point between summer and autumn and as such many holidaymakers forget about it and don’t even contemplate a visit to Dubai during this month. The main reasons for this is that September is generally deemed still too hot and many families are reeling from the typical 8-week summer holidays chaos. It’s also the time when kids return to school and with no half-term breaks until late October, families with school-aged children won’t even contemplate a break.


But if you have younger kids and tots or are a couple with more freedom regarding when to book an escape, you should definitely consider a September getaway to Dubai. Here we give you the top reasons why it might turn out to be a great time to experience some of the many attractions this dazzling emirate has to offer.

Top reasons to travel to Dubai in September

It’s low season!

That means fewer tourist, cheapest air fares and cheaper room rates. Bonus all around! Although room rates won’t be at their all-time low during the year, there are great bargains to be had, especially if you have some degree flexibility with dates. When booking airline tickets, you’ll also find fares are at their lowest, especially if flying out before 26th September ( (a quick search shows that a return ticket with Emirates from London to Dubai in September starts at £355!). In any case, shopping around for both hotels and airlines is advised to scoop up the best deals and enjoy the biggest discounts.

The fact that despite temperatures slightly cooling, September is still classed as part the low season is in itself the biggest bonus there is to booking a Dubai holiday in September as low visitor numbers tend to generally mean cheaper everything, and that does count because everyone knows Dubai is an expensive destination. Not prohibitively so, as there are options for every budget and all pocket sizes, but the more you save on transport and accommodation, the more you’ll have to spend on fine meals and awesome attractions.

Fantastic seasonal deals

OK, so if you come to Dubai in September you’d be too late for Dubai Summer Surprises (which ends in early August) but you will have avoided the rocketing high temperatures of July and August, meaning you can do things outside of malls, not strenuous things surely (who goes to Dubai to engage in arduous activities anyway – unless you mean hardcore shopping!) but walks along the beach will be lovely, you’ll have Jumeirah Beach all to yourself (mostly) and in the evenings things cool down to make promenades along Dubai all the more comfortable

There are also great cultural events completely free to attend, this year, for example, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai’s art hubwill have a line up of special activities for a variety of audiences, from completely free-to-attend workshops to interactive storytelling sessions for kids, a playwriting competition and a panel on futuristic sense and reality technology in the digital age, there are a few ways of enjoying a freebie activity or two in September.

Many malls and shops will also have seasonal discounts going all the way until the end of September, so it’s a good idea to check out malls’ websites and independent store promotions if retail action is your thing and you fancy grabbing a good summer deal in Dubai

The quietest time of year

Unless you’re looking for festival-style outdoor events and beach parties, you’ll enjoy the quieter side to Dubai, offering a more relaxed and unfussed approach to your holiday and everything this larger-than-life emirate has to offer. Yet, you can still keep it as busy as you like, as there’s no shortage of options for enjoying yourself in the quieter months, you’ll just do so with fewer crowds.

If you’re a couple in search of romance, you’ll find Jumeirah Beach to be at its most secluded in the summer months, and that includes September when cooling breezes make the seaside an ideal place to unwind and chill with a cocktail or two.

The serenity and more subdued environment also means it’s an ideal time for young families with babies and small kids to go on holiday to Dubai, as they’ll enjoy a crowd-free environment, with virtually empty beaches and resort staff hovering around your kids to entertain them, bring them snacks and generally ensure you have an amazing family time. You’ll enjoy a far more chilled atmosphere and the fact that all kids’ pools in Dubai are shaded will put your mind at ease that they’ll be splashing safely and cooly.

You can still escape summer with some cool experiences

If you’re fed up of summer already, it might turn out cheaper to head to Dubai and spend the day skiing in the Middle East’s largest indoor ski centre than booking a ski holiday in the French Alps…plus to do that you’d still have to wait until at least December whereas in Dubai you can do it all-year-long at Mall of the Emirates’ Ski Dubai, an awesome ski centre featuring not one, not two but as many as five ski runs.

Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates

With over 3,000 square kilometres (approximately the size of three football fields to put it into perspective) of snow, Ski Dubai is the perfect place to hit the slopes this summer. Little ones can look forward to magical meet-and-greet encounters with the resident King and Gentoo penguins as well as enjoying scenic chairlift rides over the whole area and playing in the interactive Snow Cavern. There’s also Giant Ball Rides, an attraction called Snow Bullet (where you soar above the slopes) and a Ski School offering snowboarding lessons and skiing lessons for all ages (with age groups starting from as young as three years old!) as well as private lessons to sharpen your skiing skills. All the while, you’ll be able you keep your cool with -2 degree Celsius temperatures. You’ll forget all about summer for a day!

Dubai Ice Rink at Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai

This is where it gets really fun for young and old. A perfect place to escape the heat for a few hours, Dubai Mall’s ice rink even has a snowfall experience, so you get the full works! This Olympic size rink is a fun place to be for everyone aged 3 and over with classes to learn to skate as well as cute penguin-shaped skating aides for little ones to hold onto as they learn to keep their balance. Lessons are offered for skaters of all (or none) levels. For grown-ups (or not) there’s also the nightly DJ Disco Sessions, when the ice is lighted up like a disco so you get in the mood to bust your best skating dance moves. If you want to go for the Dubai Snowfall experience you can book one of three daily one-hour-and-half slots and remember, this is the only place in Dubai where snow fall!

Chillout Ice Lounge at Times Square Center

And, last but not least, for an ultra-cool sophisticated hangout spot, nothing beats the Chillout Ice Lounge, the coolest bar in the Middle East, and the only one with subzero temperatures. This place takes the word “chilling” to a whole new level and everything here is literally made of ice; from the seats to the tables, the bar, walls, the amazing sculptures and yes, the stalactite-filled ceiling. You’ll feel as though you’ve escaped to a Nordic ice village or hotel, but better yet, with mood lighting in a variety of hues making this unique venue all the more spectacular. Yes, you’ll have to do on winter clothes (they provide jackets, gloves and other warming garments) as the temperature here drops to -6 degrees Celsius but the heart-warming menu with a selection of hot teas, chocolates and coffees as well as soups. If you like to keep things icy you can enjoy a cooling drink served in a glass made of ice.

Going on an evening safari!

OK, so this one activity is definitely not cool or cooling, but you will be escaping the heat of the day by embarking on this dune-riding adventure in the evening, as opposed to the morning. You will be setting out for the desert as the sun goes down and enjoying the excitement of a driving safari in full air-conditioned glory. The scenic drive is usually followed with classic Arabic experiences like having a henna tattoo, camel-riding at dusk, watching a belly-dancing performance or feasting on an Arabic buffet under the stars.


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